LED Solar Lights


  • SAL-800
  • Solar light (street light) is a system that converts sunlight into electricity and to use as a street light.
    KAGA's solar light is compact and simple, and designed to be used with our LED street light products.

    Light Distribution

    SAL-800 Light Distribution


    SAL-800 Dimensions
  • SAL-800 image
  • Specifications

    SAL-800 Specifications
  • Features

    No CO2 Emissions
    Since the high-efficiency solar panel directly converts sunlight into electric energy, CO2 is not be emitted.

    Reduction in Maintenance Costs
    Long-life LEDs are adopted for the light source of Kaga Solar Lights. The cost for replacing light source can be reduced.

    Creating Corporate Image as an Environment Responsive Company
    LED solar light contributes to company's image with eco-friendly practices as well as economic effects.

    No Commercial Power Required
    LED solar light eliminates the need for power distribution work and makes the installation easy. It can be also installed even in the places with no electric power supply, such as riverside areas and beaches.

    Creating a Safe Environment with Disaster-prevention Design
    LED solar light creates a safe environment by lighting up dangerous areas such as pitch-dark parks and school zone at night. Moreover, when the power is out in case of disasters, or solar batteries cannot be charged due to bad weather, it can light up for 7 nights.


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