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KLE-137-52L / KLE-137-81 / KLE-137-92

KLE-137-52L / KLE-137-81 / KLE-137-92 NEW

KLE-137 series require an arm separately for installation. (Adaptable arm diameter: o34.0, o48.6 or o60.5mm)

Light Distribution

Polar Curve

  • KLE-137-52L Wide Type Light Destribution
  • KLE-137-52L Area Type Light Destribution
  • KLE-137-81 Light Destribution
  • KLE-137-92 Light Destribution


Optical Versatility (※KLE-137-52L only)
Light distribution patterns are variable.
KLE-137-52L provides two different light distribution patterns, allowing the choice between wide and area type in accordance with installing sites.

Arm Mounting Hole
Adjustable for three different size of mounting arms, o34.0, o48.6 or o60.5mm.
Having structure to maintain the center of line of mounting arm, the outer appearance is enhanced when the luminaire is installed.


KLE-137 Dimensions

Basic Performance

Basic Performance


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